Desk Partition (VINYL – Glass)

From: 1,450,000m2

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Designed from Korea

From: 1,450,000m2
색상 Vinyl AP Vinyl AP Vinyl DC Vinyl DC Vinyl MB Vinyl MB Vinyl OC Vinyl OC Vinyl PO Vinyl PO Vinyl SG Vinyl SG Vinyl V2709NT Vinyl V2709NT Vinyl WT Vinyl WT
Option Have technical box No technical box
Thickness 32 mm 60 mm
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제품 설명

  • Standard Dimension: W(mm)xH(mm)x32/60(mm), W(mm) – 560/700/800/1200/1400/1600/1800, H(mm) – 1200; H2(mm) – 720; K1(mm) – 200
  • Material: aluminum powder coat finished frame; upper: 4mm-thick glass; lower: Korean vinyl;
  • Not include technical box / Have include technical box for installing electrical wires.
  • Use K1/K2/K3 bracket to install table top

기타 정보


Have technical box, No technical box


32 mm, 60 mm


Vinyl AP, Vinyl DC, Vinyl MB, Vinyl OC, Vinyl PO, Vinyl SG, Vinyl V2709NT, Vinyl WT